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What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery is human trafficking. It comes in many forms. There is forced prostitution, bonded debt labor, child labor, and domestic bondage. It’s hard to believe it’s still around, right? Actually, it’s more prevalent today than ever before.

It’s difficult to explain why it is that way. The ease with which people can be transported across borders, the complex criminal networks, rising poverty and disenfranchisement of potential victims, the need for cheap services combined with the inconsiderate spending by the wealthy. These are the major social and economic factors fueling the fire.

Honestly, modern slavery couldn’t exist if it weren’t for the amazing ability of a human to completely disregard another human being.

As we speak right now, a girl is probably at the mercy of man she’s never met. Modern slavery is happening. Let’s do something to fight it.


3 responses to “What is Modern Slavery?

  1. Monica ⋅

    I agree that as a society and as individuals we must do something to end this because it is shocking to see just how prevalent this is in this day and age.

  2. Your blog seems very interesting because you have a good layout and the picture that you posted speaks a lot about your topic. It explains how well you connect with the topic and much you are aware of it. I would love to read your post, because i would like to enlighten myself with this idea of modern slavery, as compared to the slavery that took place few decades ago.

  3. Hi Anum! I was actually planning to make my original blog on human trafficking because I thought it was a really big issue especially for young girls. I thought most people really didn’t know enough about this modern form of slavery and wanted to be informative. I’m glad you’re doing this topic and I hope you can really raise awareness especially when it comes close to home like Houston.

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