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Should prostitution be legalized?

The biggest debate that government officials have is whether or not to decriminalize human trafficking, namely prostitution. And how will that effect this industry?

Of course we all want it to end but obviously, it’s not that simple. Operators of these businesses have amazing connections that ensure their secrecy and that they keep running. So you can’t help but wonder if legalizing this industry could help the victims somehow? Here are five of the main reasons why it should and should not be legalized:


– If legalized, the women could be protected through their bosses (or whatever the CEO of a company of this kind would be called). The women could go seek legal aid when dealing with abusive clients or managers.

– If legalized, the supply of prostitutes would probably increase thus prices would naturally lower. This reduction in prices might even reduce this practice, eventually eliminating it.

– Prostitution should be legal to prevent even worse crimes against humanity. People are given the right to do all kinds of immoral things because it’s their choice – their body. Prostitution shouldn’t be any different. If legalizing it will help prevent far more serious crimes against humanity, then it’s for the best all around.

– Legalization would make it easier for the government to require that all women in that industry to be tested for various STDs so as to prevent the spread of those diseases, as in several European countries.

– Prostitution as a business will continue whether or not it is legalized.


– Legalization does not control the human trafficking industry. It expands it. Take the Netherlands for instance. When trafficking was decriminalized in 2000, it actually increased by 25%. In addition to the government endorsing prostitution, associations of sex businesses were created who consulted and collaborated with the government to further their interests. (I personally couldn’t believe this statistics when I first read it but it’s true.)

– Legalization does not protect the women. In a study done by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) which included 146 victims of trafficking in five countries, 80% of the women interviewed had suffered physical violence from buyers and bosses. Apparently the clubs have surveillance cameras but they’re there to protect the buyer rather than the women.

– Legalization would bring it the status of a moral profession. Since lawmakers would have to give their approval for it, it would show everyone that the “world’s oldest profession” is now an acceptable way of living.

– People involved in this industry would also encourage drug abuse among victims, giving leverage to another big problem.

– Women in systems of human trafficking do not want the industry to be legalized or decriminalized. These women are the ones facing this horror. They know what’s it like. If they say it shouldn’t be legalized, then it shouldn’t be legalized. Enough said. (Can you tell which side I’m on? Lol.)

So now you guys decide what you think about this issue. Should human trafficking, namely prostitution, be legalized or not?


One response to “Should prostitution be legalized?

  1. Good topic. Prostitution is the oldest profession. Wether or not legalizing it will decrease human trafficking is a good question. I think it should be up to the women. It seems like marijuana. If it was legalized would there be more drug dealers or less drug dealers? I think less. Is it the same for human trafficking.

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