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Jewelry from [Made by Survivors]

Check out this website and buy the beautiful jewelry that was handmade by victims of poverty, abuse, and human trafficking.

Go to this website –> — Some of these are really pretty!! 🙂

Supporting women who are working to rebuild their lives after being oppressed is an excellent strategy  to help turn the tide against slavery.

1. Reduce Supply – Sustainable economic development to help prevent people in poverty from becoming victims of slavery (or become victims again)

2. Reduce Demand – Responsible, knowledgeable consumers who reduce demand for slave labor by insisting on transparent, verifiably free-labor supply chains (shop carefully, knowledgeably, and compassionately for things like gold)

3. Reduce Demand – Men not buying women and children for sex (train young men not to treat women and children that way, and enforce laws against men who do)

4. Reduce Supply – investigate and prosecute people who exploit and enslave other

5. Reduce Supply – rescue and rehabilitate slaves in every country (child soldiers, slave brick makers, enslaved sex workers, debt bondage victims, tomato pickers, cotton farmers, children maimed for the purpose of begging, slave brides, and so on)

Not to mention governments passing and enforcing anti-slavery laws, people reading books and watching movies to educate themselve and others, researching human trafficking solutions, fighting international criminal networks that traffic people, and being alert to human trafficking in our own communities.

Slavery and human trafficking are not going away any time soon, but this generation can at least turn the tide, and attempt to hand the next generation a world that is more slavery free than today. Supporting groups like Made By Survivors is one good way to support the fight.


7 responses to “Jewelry from [Made by Survivors]

  1. You covered a very important topic, we need to provide more assistance to victims of human trafficking. I think you should talk more about what the government programs do to help the victims and what the social taboos are when it comes to accepting victims in our societies again.

  2. I agree with the comment made above. I believe you should elaborate more on the policies that exist for tehse kinds of people or is it just too big of an industry that there could be a chance that the government is even involved in this.

    • anum90

      Thanks for your suggestion! It’s unbelievable how little the government is doing to fight human trafficking in the United States. I would be more than happy to spread news about government programs, if there were many to report. Apart from the TVPA, there are many privately-run organizations around the nation that assist the victims by helping them rebuild their lives. Take Houston, for example, the Mayor JUST NOW started a committee to investigate the problem of human trafficking in Houston (after Houston became a major hub for this crime). Anyway, a lot is done to assist those who are already wounded but nothing is done (federally) to prevent it. Thanks for reading!

  3. This is such a relevant topic. I love that you are exploring what women are doing to start their lives over.

    I’m from Brazil where we have a big issue with drug trafficking, which the government of Rio is trying to fight heavily now because we will be hosting the next soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games. But what we are seeing now is an increase in prostitution and sex tourism because, whether we like it or not, a lot of women depended on the drug lords financially.

    Such a complicated subject. Good job on the blog! It looks great

    • anum90

      Thank you for your comment! We think this problem doesn’t exist because a lot of us have been so protected all our lives. But this is beyond serious and I hope Brazil is taking extreme measures to fight human trafficking. It takes just 1 person to make a difference and if an entire nation is working hard to end this cruelty, then there is definitely hope for all the victims.

  4. yasminesaqer ⋅

    This is great. It’s amazing to know that these women are channeling their efforts to rebuild their lives in a creative way. I think it demonstrates their strength and makes me feel more hopeful about their futures. Thanks for posting the link, I love handmade jewelry!

    • anum90

      I know right? They’re all so pretty and I applaud them for having the courage to do something with their lives rather than letting themselves be depressed. What they had to endure was beyond cruel, but seeing that they are trying to move past it gives me hope 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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