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Ever wonder what fuels the fire?….Advertisement.

For the column we had to do for class this week, I focused on what is probably the biggest factor promoting human trafficking: Prostitution Advertisement.

The managers (I guess you could call ’em that) post pictures of these girls with an inappropriate message and include some contact information. Some of these ads women posted themselves but whatever. Yeah I went to one of these websites and saw it for myself, it is unbelievable!

The premier website for such ads is, which is hugely supported by Village Voice Media, a privately-run corporation based in Phoenix, AZ. Interestingly enough, Village Voice Media also owns the reputable newspaper, Village Voice, which is “dedicated to the power of the truth.”

I’ve read some of their articles and this newspaper produces excellent journalism, but it’s sad to see they would accept ads from pimps who sell girls like pizza. I don’t know about you guys but, to me, if you publish it, you support it.

There are many other websites like that are (sadly) running successfully. So this begs the question: Will the human trafficking be solved if these websites were removed? No. But generally speaking, I’m sure the demand for such services would decrease if there were no means of obtaining it, y’know?

We’ve already established that the problem of human trafficking is expansive. However, doing little things like signing the petition (which I mentioned in an earlier post), supporting victims so they are willing to testify against their abductors without fear, and eliminating websites like will weaken the entire criminal network that these people have made.

The best part is that average people like us can do these things. 🙂


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