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Ferrero Chocolate Company to be Slave-Free

This article is about something that I value immensely, and I have been waiting all semester to find an article  like this so I can write about it. As the semester winds down, I think it’s the best for last kind of thing. This article explains how Ferrero, the Italian chocolate company who makes Ferrero Rocher chocolates among other things, has committed to have all of their cocoa farms child-slave free by the end of 2020.

However, the supply chains chocolate manufacturers get their cocoa from are, for the most part, self-regulated and it generally takes a long time to get things like this accomplished.

The driving factor that I believe is causing this chocolate company, as well as a handful of others, is the amount of profit that is to be had with being a fair trade chocolate company.

Fair trade chocolate is always more expensive than your regular chocolates that you buy in the candy section at the grocery store. Even your already expensive chocolate candies generally cost less than fair trade chocolates.

At the end of 2009, fair trade chocolates had a revenue of 48.4 million euros for farmers*, or approximately $61,661,628. In 2011, however, Ferrero chocolate suffered a decline to 2.4 million euros in pre-tax profits.**

The means to become a fair trade certified company (pledging not to utilize any kind of child or labor trafficking for production) are definitely apparent in the numbers, but it also makes people like me happy that big time chocolate manufacturers are doing a humane thing, even if it may be out of greed.





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